May 22, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Learning Support

Learning Support Courses

Learning support is a generic term for programs designed to prepare students for, or assist students with, collegiate work. Armstrong is committed to helping all students succeed by providing the necessary assistance to reach a level of preparation suitable for university studies. Year-long foundations level learning support courses (pre-college preparatory courses) and co-requisite learning support courses assist students needing help preparing for collegiate level work. Learning Support courses are offered in the basic academic areas of, English, and mathematics.

Eligibility for Learning Support courses is determined by the English Placement Index (EPI) or the Math Placement Index (MPI) score(s) which is calculated from a combination of SAT or ACT scores, high school grade point average and/or COMPASS placement exam score. A student may be required to enroll in one or two Learning Support courses based on the EPI or MPI and the students major (non-science/math pathway or science/math pathway). Students required to take Learning Support courses must do so during their first semester. Learning Support courses carry institutional credit, but hours earned in those courses do not apply to degree requirements. Students enrolled in foundations level learning support courses will not be permitted to take credit courses which require the content or skills of the foundations level course as a prerequisite.

Learning Support Completion Requirements

Students who have accumulated 30 hours of college level credit (including transfer course work) and have not completed their learning support requirements (i.e. passed the Core A English or Mathematics course) may only enroll in foundation level learning support courses or learning support courses and co-requisite Core A English and Mathematics courses until the requirements (i.e. successful completion of Core A English or Math) are completed.

Policy for dropping Learning Support courses:

Students will not be permitted to withdraw from learning support co-requisite courses without withdrawing from the associated co-requisite core course.

Learning Support Suspension Policy

  • Students enrolled in MATH 0987  or MATH 0989  must complete those requirements in 2 attempts or they will be suspended from Armstrong for one-calendar year. These attempts must be during the students first two semesters at Armstrong. During suspension, students may attend an accredited Technical College System of Georgia School to pass their learning support requirements (Core A Math). W and WM grades do not count toward attempts.
  • Students who have been away from Armstrong for a year on learning support suspension may transfer in the appropriate Core A math course, re-enroll in foundations level mathematics courses (MATH 0987  or MATH 0989 ) or retake the COMPASS exam and score high enough to exempt foundation level learning support.
  • For further information, please contact the Office of Academic Advising and Support.

Learning Support Grade Symbols

A%, B%, C% (passed course work, MATH 0987  and MATH 0989  )
F % (failed course work, MATH 0987  and MATH 0989  only and must re-enroll in the course)
W% (Withdrew, no penalty)
WF% (Withdrew, failing)
I% (Incomplete)
S% (Satisfactory-Student who successfully passed MATH 1001  or MATH 1111  or ENGL 1101 /ENGL 1102  will receive a grade of S% in MATH 0997 , MATH 0999  or ENGL 0999  
U% (Unsatisfactory-Student who did not successfully pass MATH 1001  or MATH 1111  or ENGL 1101  will receive a grade of U% in MATH 0997 , MATH 0999  or ENGL 0999 . Student must repeat the learning support class and the MATH 1001 , MATH 1111  or ENGL 1101 /ENGL 1102  course.
NR% (Grade Not Reported)

(Note: D grades are not issued in Learning Support)

Students whose EPI or MPI scores exceed the scores for learning support placement may nonetheless elect to enroll in Learning Support courses. Typically this is done to sharpen essential skills before they are needed in other courses.

More information regarding academic support for nontraditional students, Learning Support courses, registration, readmission, and policies regarding progression requirements is available in the Office of Academic Advising and Support.