Apr 24, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy


Elizabeth Howells, Department Head
Carol Andrews Dorothée Mertz-Weigel
Christopher Baker Marcus Mitchell
William Belford Tony Morris
Kelly Benhase Christy Mroczek
Renee Berry Erik Nordenhaug
Regina Bradley Jane Rago
Margaret Brockland-Nease Deborah Reese
Christopher Cartright Nancy Remler
Encarnacion Cruz Jimenez Diana Serrano
William Dawers Jack Simmons
William Deaver James Smith
Lisa Dusenberry Julie Swanstrom
Cicelyn English Robert Terry
Hans-Georg Erney Nancy Tille-Victorica
Grant Gearhart Ana Torres
Karen Hollinger Hapsatou Wane
Carol Jamison David Wheeler
Amanda Konkle Teresa Winterhalter
Annie Mendenhall  

General Information

The Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy offers the degree of bachelor of arts with majors in English, English (Professional Communications), and Spanish. We also offer an online eFrench major through a consortium with other USG institutions. Minors are available in English, communication, writing, philosophy, linguistics, film, and foreign languages. In addition, the department provides the composition, literature, philosophy, and foreign language courses required by the core curriculum. Students majoring in English should satisfy core curriculum requirements for the bachelor of arts degree during the freshman and sophomore years.

English Composition Core.

Students should begin the required English core sequence in their initial semester of attendance, and must not delay beginning this sequence beyond their second semester of attendance. Students must earn a grade of C or better in ENGL 1101  to qualify for admission to ENGL 1102 . ENGL 1101 , ENGL 1102 , and ENGL 2100  courses may not be dropped without permission of the department head. Students who drop these courses without department head approval will receive failing grades in the class.

Exemptions from Core English.

Students who wish credit exemption for ENGL 1101  must pass the CLEP Freshman College Composition examination, including the essay portion. Students who wish a credit exemption for ENGL 1102  must pass the CLEP Analysis and Interpretation of Literature and Essay examination, including the essay portion. (Passing scores are indicated in the Credit by Examination section of the catalog). Students who score a “3” or higher on the AP exam (English: Language and Composition or Literature and Composition) receive three hours of credit for ENGL 1101 . Students who score a “5” on the Literature and Composition AP exam will receive 6 hours of credit for ENGL 1101  and ENGL 1102 , provided that they earn a grade of “C” or higher in ENGL 2100 .

Foreign Languages.

Foreign Languages. College preparatory curriculum (CPC) deficiency in foreign languages may be fulfilled by successfully completing any of the 1000-level courses in Spanish or French with a final course grade of C or better. Students may receive credit by examination for French or Spanish provided they meet requirements listed under Credit by Examination in the section on Admissions. All students can benefit from foreign language study and from taking a Foreign Language Placement Exam located on the LLP website. High-school coursework or prior exposure to a foreign language may allow for placement into French or Spanish, FREN 1002 /SPAN 1002 , FREN 2001 /SPAN 2001 , FREN 2002 /SPAN 2002 , or beyond - all of which can satisfy core requirements for any Armstrong major. While AP, IB, or CLEP exams may award course credit, placement test results can identify eligibility for courses beyond the first level including courses in the core curriculum.

Placement Test Calibration (Password: pirates1)

0-150, semester 1 (1001)
151-250, semester 2 (1002)
251-325, semester 3 (2001)
326-400, semester 4 (2002)
401+, 3000 or 4000 level

Students may NOT enroll in courses lower than those indicated by the placement test scores. Students who do will be directed to leave the course with no guarantee of an available seat in the appropriate course. This placement score does NOT constitute enrollment in a language course but can be used to obtain a pre-requisite override to enroll in an upper-level section. For further information, students should contact the department head.


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