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    Armstrong State University
  Nov 21, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Criminal Justice, Track I: General Criminal Justice

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Progress Requirements

All department majors must earn a C or better in all courses required in the program, including courses used to complete Area F in the core and Related Field Courses. All majors are required to take an exit examination (the Major Field Test for their respective field) prior to graduation. All courses in the minor also require a C or better.

Program of Study

General Requirements

Major Field Courses: 33 hours

*Students for whom these courses are inappropriate may petition to substitute 12 advisor- approved upper division credits appropriate to the Major. If a student takes only CRJU 4800 , then he or she must substitute six hours of advisor-approved upper division credits.

Approved electives: 21 hours

6 hours must be at the 3000+ level

Total Semester Hours: 124 hours

Additional Requirements

Exit Exam: Area Concentration Achievement Test in Criminal Justice for four-year programs

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